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Warwick Schiller summit 2024

In the spring of 2023, Emelie was invited to Warwick Schiller's podcast Journey on. You can listen to the episode here. ​ Every year, Warwick invites to conversations with podcast guests in a "summit", where you can participate as a physical or digital audience. During 2024, there are two occasions where Emelie Cajsdotter will participate in these summits. ​


You can read more about the other presenters and buy tickets by clicking here.

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The sanctuaries Friskeröd & Surtung 

Today, Friskeröd's farm is home to approximately 200 animals, of which 65 are horses. Friskeröd farm itself is a winter residence for the animals, but to be able to keep this many animals, larger areas are required. Therefore, a number of pastures are leased in a larger area around the farm. Animal husbandry at Friskeröd is based on providing each species with as natural conditions as possible. In order to be able to heal and live a life in freedom and without demands for adaptation to human needs.

Since the beginning, the work at the farm has been run entirely on a non-profit basis. The costs are mostly covered by donations and sponsorships. All work with the animals takes place on a voluntary basis, in collaboration with a team of farriers, veterinarians and other expertise - in consultation with the county administrative board. 

Since October 2nd 2023 the farm Surtung is part of sanctuaries. 

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Contribution to the food for the animals

The sanctuaries at Friskeröd and Surtung are run entirely on a voluntary basis and with donations. As a hay-sponsor you donate an amount of your choice every month, the money goes directly to feed and other basic necessities for the animals at the sanctuaries. As a Hay-sponsor, you receive a monthly newsletter "Hay-sponsor-letter" and you automatically become a member of the non-profit association Friends of Mio. Click here if you want to read a Hay-sponsor letter. 


Friskeröd Academy

On-site and digital courses

In 2018, the horses at Friskeröd's animal sanctuary started a school for empathetic interbeing. This year we opened up the physical courses to international students. The courses held in place during 2025 are now open for applications. ​


It is now also possible to participate in a digital international course in eight parts. The course includes both live Zoom meetings and recorded material.

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Podcast & a selection of Hay-sponsor letters 

In our library, you can take part of podcasts in both English and Swedish, as well as a selection of Hay-sponsor letters, for free.

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