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Friends of Mio

The non-profit association Friends of Mio was started with the purpose of enabling a place where land, animals and people can meet in a non-hierarchical way.


Friends of Mio supports one of Scandinavia's largest sanctuaries for horses and other animals, the farm Friskeröd outside Tanumshede. Around 160 animals, which would otherwise have been euthanized, now have their life-long homes at Friskeröd under as natural conditions as possible.


During the winter and spring of 2023 people from all over the world has donated and contributed in other ways enough money for us to be able to buy the farm in Fossum. We signed the contract on May 10th, and we will get access to the farm ion October 2nd.  For this we are deeply grateful.

But there is still work to do. There is a loan of SEK 2,8 million (approx USD 230.000) that needs to be paid back. Take part in and follow the actions being taken for us to do so on our webpage, Faebook and Instagram.

Thank you!

All the king's horses

Emelie has written several books, of which All the King's Horses is the one requested by many. ​


We have had the great honor of selling the newly printed book All the king's horses on our website.


For each book sold from our website, approx. SEK 120 ($10) goes to the association.

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We are greatful for every single donation being made.

If you would like to make a transaction to our bank account, please use the following information:

IBAN: SE7950000000051561023868, BIC: ESSESESS Address bank: SEB 106 40 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Thank you - you make a difference for a lot of individuals. 

IBAN: SE7950000000051561023868, BIC: ESSESESS

Land - Animal - Human

Somehow, it is often hard to find the right question. Unless someone reminds you. In this case it was a rather new acquaintance who put the question forth; what is the horses' vision of the foundation? 

Read the vision here

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One of Scandinavia's largest sanctuaries for horses & other animals

The animal sanctuary at Friskeröd was founded in 1995 and since its inception has specialized in taking care of animals suffering from post-traumatic stress. Then to a small extent with a few individuals on the farm Friskeröd, the home of Emelie Cajsdotter. Over the years, the number of animals that needed a lifelong home with space for healing  has gradually increased, and with it the need for more pasture and more volunteer efforts. 

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Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Here we have collected all the initiatives that exist right now to collect money.

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We are compiling a library of texts to help you understand the background to the idea of ​​creating a non-hierarchical place. The texts are written by Emelie Cajsdotter, after her conversations with different species.

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About us

Here you will find more information about the association's board and our statutes.

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