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In what has previously been used as a residential building on the farm Surtung, you can rent a bed to spend the night when you are in Tanumshede or if you want to rent the whole farm to have a course.


The beds in the house are reserved during course weekends for students participating in the course activities at Friskeröd, then the beds are not available for bookings on the website. If you are a course participant, contact Emelie to book your bed.

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Room SEK 300/bed

Access to a room with one or more beds. Some rooms are walk-through rooms to other rooms. Shared bathroom and kitchen. Bring your own sheets and towels. The room is cleaned before departure. 

Daily rent of course room shared with accommodation SEK 500/day

Arrange your course downstairs at Surtung. You share the kitchen and toilet with those who live in the house and have access to the gathering place. You put away, set up when you're done for the day, and clean up when you're done. Sleeping places not included.

The whole house SEK 3,500/day

Rent the whole house to organize your course. A large kitchen, a bathroom and a meeting room with seating for approx. 15-20 people can be found downstairs. There are 7 beds upstairs and a bathroom,  with the possibility of adding 4 extra beds. Downstairs, it is possible to arrange X temporary sleeping places in the kitchen and gathering room. Participants bring their own sheets and towels. You put away, arrange and clean when you're done.

All room bookings are made on our website. To rent the whole house or for a one-day course contact

It is possible to tailor for individual solutions, contact us for a dialogue about this.

All proceeds go directly back to the farm and its residents, unabated. All work on the farm is run entirely on a non-profit basis. 

Before you arrive at Surtung, we would be grateful if you read the guidelines that the place has produced. 

You can find a link to them here.Guidelines Sour tongue

Payment: Book a bed via the button below. Pay for the reservation by transfer money to our PayPal-account , enter your booking number that you receive in an email as a reference. The booking and the payment are not linked to each other at the moment, you need to solve it on your own.

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