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A safe place for animals, nature and humans

The possibility of this association began when Emelie Cajsdotter met a pony named Pyret. The dream of creating a place where humans can meet other species in a non-hierarchical way, in coexistence, began to materialize. The almost 40-year journey has now grown into the next phase.

Friskeröd & Friends of Mio

Today, Friskeröd's farm is home to approximately 160 animals, of which 65 are horses. Friskeröd farm itself is a winter residence for the animals, but to be able to keep this many animals, larger areas are required. Therefore, a number of pastures are leased in a larger area around the farm. Animal husbandry at Friskeröd is based on providing each species with as natural conditions as possible. In order to be able to heal and live a life in freedom and without demands for adaptation to human needs.

Since the beginning, the work at the farm has been run entirely on a non-profit basis. The costs are mostly covered by donations and sponsorships. All work with the animals takes place on a voluntary basis, in collaboration with a team of farriers, veterinarians and other expertise - in consultation with the county administrative board. 

The non-profit association Friends of Mio was formed on December 21, 2022 with the aim of collecting money in order to be able to secure pastures for these animals in a long-term sustainable way. In this way, the survival of the sanctuary can be secured, thus more animals can be offered healing and a lifelong home.

The statutes for the association can be found here

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Emelie Cajsdotter

The founder of the sanctuary Friskeröd

Emelie Cajsdotter founded Friskeröd in 1995, and has since then been responsible for the farm. She lives on the farm with her family and about 160 animals. Emelie coordinates the work of taking care of all the animals on the farm, with non-profit labor helping her out and hay sponsorship that covers the cost of hay for all the animals. Emelie is a trained homeopath, but is above all a storyteller, with the aim of spreading the message of other species to people through stories. 


She has traveled all over the world, and studied and worked in many different places, such as Ireland, Jordan and New Zealand.

For a number of years, it has been possible to take part in various courses at Friskeröd where other species are responsible for the content. So far, hundreds of people have taken part in what other species have to teach us. The waiting list is long, hundreds more are standing in line.

Emelie has written three books, "Zander and the time", "All the king's horses and" "Song of the grass". She has participated in the Swedish television series ”The herd” and has been actively involved in the Mio podcast.


Listen to the great adventures of Emelie here 

Read more about Friskeröd and Emelie on her website.

Board of Friends of Mio

Other roles

Emelie Cajsdotter

Nomination committee (convener)

Mia Holm

Nomination committee

Stina Baldinger


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