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Here you can immerse yourself in the stories that ended up in the non-profit association of Friends of Mio. Emelie Cajsdotter has handpicked some of all the stories being told during her 30 years of listening to different species just for you. So that you can understad the purpose of Friends of Mio. 

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New year greeting

Extract from the poem "Say wow" by Chelan Harkin

​Each morning before we wrestle the world
and our hearts into the shape of our brains,
look around and say, "Wow!"

Read the greeting here

Christmas greeting 

A remarkable year is about to come to an end. And we are sending out our warmest greetings to all of you.

Take part of the christmas greeting here. 


Pyret - How it all began

The dream of what is now Friskeröd began when Emelie, as an 11-year-old, met the pony Pyret at a riding school.


"If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together"
Lilla Watson

Read the whole story about Pyret here

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Emelie has been a part of different podcasts and conversations in both Swedish and English. 

Conversation between Emelie & Rick Archer in English in the Buddha at the gas pump podcast.

Conversation between Emelie & Tina Kolhammar in the Mio podcast about what other species convey. 

Emelie tells about her life and adventures around the world in English.

Conversation between Emelie & Ida Winterhaven about the work at Friskeröd and the herd (Swedish). 

Conversation with Emelie in the biggest Norwegian horse podcast Hestens klan (Swedish/Norwegian)

Conversation between Emelie and Claudia Langhein from the Horse Human community in English. 

Conversation with Emelie and Chatherine Edwards, Live love learn podcast is in English. 

Audiobook: Emelie is translating her third book "The song of the grass" to English. 

Conversation with Emelie in the Indian podcast Spiritual Lunacy, in English. 

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Midsummer greetings 2023

Listen! There is a voice that cannot be heard, yet it is felt in every fibre of your being. Listen, while there is still time. Listen in between the lines, so that you may hear what has so far remained unsaid. The whole world is made up of stories, which slowly make us take shape. We emerge in moments of encounter. Listen, so that the whole world may be contained in a single breath.

Read the midsummer greeting here


Who are you?

Read Hope by clicking here

Photo credit: Bibbie Friman

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Rebels of love

"There is nothing in your world that interests me."
So said Nastja, at our first meeting. "But if you want to come to where I am, the door is always open."

Read the "Rebels of love" by clicking here

The Hashemite horses

Emelie met the Hashemite horses in Jordan in 2002, and has since then studied their message. 

 Read more about their meassage here

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The principles of Mio are universal. They can be applied in any context.

Click here to take part of the Principles of Mio

Click here to take part of the Stories of Mio

Dynamic nature of the herd

Then you see a lot of horses, close together. Each of these individuals are fully aware of who they are in relation to each other. Each member of the herd carries the others on the
inside, the self consists mainly of the sheath around it.

Read the dynamic nature of the herd


Funny's story

"The best teachers are those
who show you where to look,
but don't tell you what to see."

Here you can take part of Funny's story

The spark that started Friends of Mio

A glimpse of a world where everyone is welcome just as they are, and where the value of someone’s existence is never measured by their achievements.

Read the way of compassion by clicking here

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The song of the grass

Emelie has done a direct translation from Swedish to English of the book "The song of the grass" for a student. There is extra material added. The recording is done outside, thus the quality varies. 

Link to the audiobook "Song of the grass" at  Soundcloud 

Christmas greetings 2022

Maybe it's like that sometimes, that something inside us has to break, in order for something bigger to make room. Rumi says: "keep breaking your heart until it opens."

Read the entire Christmas greetings here

Christmas greeting image.png
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Midsummer greetings 2022

Yesterday is gone and its tale told

Today new seeds are growing


Read the entire midsummer greetings 2022 by clicking here

Hay sponsor

For some time now, there have been a number of people who each month donate a sum of money to support the animals that live on Friskeröd, and surrounding areas, with hay. Do you want to read more about becoming a hay sponsor? Click here. (in Swedish)

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Zander och tiden, Emelie Cajsdotter (Swedish)

All the Kings horses, Emelie Cajsdotter

Det sjunger i gräset, Emelie Cajsdotter (Swedish)

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