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Friskeröd Academy

We live in a time where performance, results, success and development are largely valued. But you rarely hear animals, plants and other life forms talk about these things. Their longing seems to be exclusively about achieving a higher degree of presence. Many animals speak of the importance of contributing to changing human consciousness. We are a young species, still searching for our place in a larger context. From other species, we are often described as separate, or even isolated. It is as if we are surrounded by an oblivion, like a void. In this vacuum, a self-centering occurs. It's like we haven't decided yet. Are we singular beings, surviving through mutual competition? Or do we dare to take the step, into the unknown, and surrender to something greater? We seem to be the only species that can consciously choose a destructive behavior in relation to the whole. We need all the help we can get. Both in terms of our own and other species' survival. But also to reduce the suffering created in the wake of greed, personal gain, and our seemingly insatiable need for validation. A counter-force to all this is the development of our empathic ability. Something that requires persistent and long-term practice.

At Friskeröd, there is the opportunity to practice precisely our empathetic ability on different types of courses. Work is currently underway to develop a portal where all courses are gathered, Friskeröd Academy. Until it is in place, you can reach a selection of the courses at the webpage

Friskeröd Academy will be run separately from the association Friends of Mio, the purpose of the non-profit association is to collect money to acquire and manage land, not to run any courses. Therefore, all courses are managed on a separate platform it is Emelie's company that manages the courses and the tax technical aspects of it. 

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