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Help is always needed with something on a farm, since all work with animals and the farm is done on a voluntary basis, we gladly accept help from volunteers. ​ To be a volunteer with us, you need to understand the perspectives and values ​​we have regarding all living things and be prepared for a lot of everyday farm work. ​ As a volunteer with us, you work 4-6 hours per day. Accommodation takes place in the old residential building at Surtung, where there is a spacious kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and several bedrooms. You share the kitchen and bathroom with other guests, volunteers or course participants. We buy in food, you prepare it yourself. Unfortunately, we cannot accept volunteers with accompanying animals as there are already many animals living here (both indoors and outdoors) in continuous herds, many of which carry severe trauma. ​ Carefully read the arrangement below and contact Emelie if you are interested.

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