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The association Friends of Mio is selling Emelie Cajsdotter's fantastic book "Alla kungens hästarr".


This book is in Swedish.


If you choose to buy the book from us, about SEK 120 will go to the association.


By purchasing a book from us, you agree to the handling of personal data according to our Privacy Policy. 


All the King's horses begin in the meeting with a pony who is angry with the people. She taught me two things; that there is another way to communicate. But for that to be possible, all differences in value must be erased. There can be no hierarchy.


That time I was eleven years old and since then I have traveled the world, all the time with the same question. Is it necessary to exercise dominance in handling animals? And would it be possible for a human being to translate a non-hierarchical principle into practical action?
I traveled to Jordan after a series of dreams. Not daydreams, but real dreams at night. These dreams led to a stud farm outside Amman, where thoroughbred Arabian horses are bred. The horses previously belonged to King Hussein of Jordan, and it is said that they carry special messages. A legend, which has proven to be highly relevant.
With the help of one of the stud's groomsmen, I finally realized that it is possible. There is another system, which is not based on subordination. But for that to be possible, one must first of all get to know oneself. This is a story of hope, of introspection, and of another side of the Middle East that rarely comes across in news reporting.


Book: All the King's Horses

  • Finally, it is possible to buy the much-sought-after book Alla kungens hästar written by Emelie Cajsdotter.

    By buying it from Friends of Mio, the association receives about SEK 120/book. 

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