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There are many different ways to contribute to the farm Surtung and the animals living at the sanctuary. And there will be more! Here you can read about the opportunities that are currently available.

Donations: Donations to be able to take care of the farm Surtung and maybe even to set more land free is very appreciated. You can either donate to our bank account (see information below) or use PayPal.

Hay sponsor: As a hay sponsor you contribute to the feed of the all the animals living on the farm. Read more by clicking here.

Book a room at Surtung: You can also contribute by staying a night at Surtung. Book your bed here. 

The easiest way is to donate is to use our PayPal-page. The Swedish currency is called SEK (krona or kr), PayPal converts your currency to SEK. Link to PayPal is here. 

For international donations, besides PayPal, please use the following information:

IBAN: SE7950000000051561023868, BIC: ESSESESS Address bank: SEB 106 40 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Thank you - you make a difference for a lot of individuals!

If you would like to donate a large sum of money, please contact us at for more information. 


If you want to contribute through your services or products in any way, send us a short description, a picture, contact details and any link to the product/service to us at

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